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How to install your plug-n-play trackers

Plug-n-play trackers can be installed in Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles and machinery. All you need to do, is to locate a diagnostic port and plug the tracker in. We supports the following ports;

  • OBD (Diagnostic Port) – Available on majority of light vehicles and small trucks
  • CANBUS Ports – (J1939 Deutsch and all other variations) – Available on Heavy trucks, machinery and equipment, from 24 to 36V

1. For Light Vehicles

Locate the vehicle’s OBD (vehicle diagnostics) port. It is normally located under the steering column on the right hand side.

Note: We can supply a low-profile extension lead to assist with the installation if the OBD port is located under a cover or in a location which might affect your ability to safely operate the vehicle.

2. For Trucks and Machinery

Locate a J1939 Deutsch port or FMS port, it might be 6,9,12,14,16 pin or other, we supply adapters for almost all variations of ports as per below examples. If you’re not sure, please reach out to support on  and we will help you to locate and acquire right cable adapter.

3. Install The Tracker

IMPORTANT! : Before installation, please ensure that your vehicle or asset ignition is switched off and the asset is parked outside on a level surface with a clear view of the sky.

  • Plug in the tracker into the port
  • Please wait for the power (red), cellular (orange) and GPS (green) lights to start flashing.
  • Once all lights are visible and flashing, wait a further 1 minute to allow the device to finish the calibration process
  • It will take a further 8-10 minutes for the tracker to complete the configuration process and start transmitting accurate data to platform.

Once you have installed your OBD tracker/s, the calibration process is complete and you have noted down the odometer reading go ahead and log into your platform account and complete the initial set up.  

IMPORTANT!: You will need the current odometer reading of the vehicle to complete the initial set up so make sure to note this down when you install the tracker.  Ideally you will not drive the vehicle before you have completed the initial set up.  However, if you do you will need to add the KM’s driven between installing the tracker and completing the initial set up to the odometer reading you noted down when you installed the tracker so that you input an accurate odometer reading into the platform.

Happy tracking!

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