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How to re-enable a Tag

This user guide explains how to re-enable a Tag that you have previously disabled.

  • Navigate to Tag Management (Tags)
  • Click the drop-down arrow in the search bar next to the GO button
  • Select Disabled in the Tag Status section and click the GO button or hit the enter or return key on your keyboard

  • All disabled Tags will now display in the Tag table

  • Now search for the Tag you would like to re-enable by either;
    • Scrolling the Tag table
    • OR by using the search bar to search for the desired Tag by the Tag Name
  • Once you have located the Tag that you would like to re-enable, click on the Tag name to open the Tag editing screen
  • In the Tag editing screen toggle Tag Status to Enabled

  • Click the back arrow to return to the Tag Management screen
  • Remove the Disabled search parameter from the search bar by clicking on it to remove it and clicking the GO button
  • The Tag Management table will now reload to display all of your enabled Tags

Important: Be careful when re-enabling User and Fence Restricted Tags because this will affect the user permissions of the Users assigned these Tags and therefore what they can access in your customer account

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