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How to switch on the internal battery in your Plug-N-Play tracker

The internal back up battery in the Plug-N-Play device, will need to be switched on before you install your device. The back-up battery enables the device to transmit data when it is not connected to power. This is required for the device to detect tampering events and send an alert to the platform.  

To switch on the internal battery you will need:

  • Your Plug N Play device.
  • A long thin tool such as a small flat-tip screwdriver, tweezers or a toothpick.

Switching on the battery:

  • Rotate the device so that the plug end with the metal pins is facing you. Ensure that the orientation of the device matches the picture below.

  • In the centre of the face of the plug, you will see a small rectangular hole.
  • Set back within this hole is a small switch.
  • Using your tool, flick the switch to the left, into the ON position. Once the battery has been switched on, the LED lights (Power, GPS, GSM) on the top of the device may come on. Note: this will only occur if there is charge in the battery.
  • Now that you have switched on the internal battery you can complete the install of your Plug-N-Play device by following the How to install your Plug-N-Play tracker guide
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