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How to use the Idle Report

The Idle Report provides you with a report to review the idling periods of your assets. The report allows you to see where the asset idled, when the idling period started and stopped and for how long the asset idled. This report can be used to review the amount of idling your assets are doing, which could be used to improve driver/operator behaviour. The data in this report could also be used in support of fuel tax credit claims (Australia only).

Accessing the Idle Report

  • Go to the Reports menu and select Idle Report
  • The report will load all of today’s idling events for all assets that you have permissions to view by default 

Using the Idle Report

  • Once the report has loaded you will see the following information;
    • Asset – Your asset label and group the asset belongs to
    • Start – Idle start time
    • Stop – Idle stop time
    • Duration – Duration the asset was idling in hours, minutes and seconds (HH:MM:SS)
    • Location – The location at which the idling occurred

  • You can filter the report, using the filters in the Search bar;
    • Group(s)
    • Tag(s)
    • Idle Duration
    • Date Range
  • To filter to a specific Asset you can either; 
    • Type the Asset Label in the search bar and click Go 
    • Hover your cursor in the row of the Asset you wish to filter the report to and click on the filter icon that appears

Reviewing the events relating to the idling period

  • To review the device events that relate to the idling period, you can hover your cursor over the row of the idling period you wish to review the events for and click on the spyglass icon that appears
    Note: this option is only available if you have permission to view the Event Report

  • This will load the Events report in a new browser tab, pre-filtered to the events specific to the idling period you selected

Export the Idle Report

  • To export the Idle Report, click on the export button  and select the file type you wish to export the data in (Excel or CSV)
  • The file will download to your browser and will be available in your “Downloaded” files