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Using Driver App Tracker

Driver app is the companion GPS tracking mobile app. Driver app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Store.


  • To log into Driver you will need an active Application User account; 
    1. If you are an existing user you can simply download Driver from your appropriate app store and login with you normal user credentials
    2. If you do not already have a user account you will need to request one to be created by your administrator before you can log into Driver

Enable/Disable GPS Tracking

  1. Once you have download Driver, input your User credentials to sign in
  2. After login the map will load and display your current location
    • Your name will be displayed at the top of the screen
    • Your current status (Off-Duty/On-Duty) is displayed under your name
  3. To enable tracking and set yourself On-Duty, click the Start button;
    • You can minimise Driver app on your mobile device and it will continue to track your movement and position
    • Driver app will continue to track your movement and location until you set yourself off-duty
  4. To disable tracking and set yourself Off-Duty, click the Stop button

Note: Tracking is disable when you are Off-Duty, you do not need to log out of Driver to disable tracking. Logging out of Driver will also disable tracking.


The Check-In button will send a Check-In event to Driver app. It can be used when you are either On or Off Duty

  • To activate Check-In, press and hold the Check-In button
  • The button will animate and a green boarder will flash in the app to indicate that the Check-In message has been sent
    • If you are currently Off-Duty (tracking disabled) when you press the Check-In button, the app will grab your current location and send it with the Check-In event as a one off position update


The Help button starts a help sequence in the app. It sends Help/SOS message immediately to the Driver app; every 1-minute until the Help sequence is cancelled in the app. It can be used when you are either On or Off Duty.

  1. To activate the Help/SOS sequence, press and hold the Help button
  2. Once activated the screen will display the Help sequence events, confirming that the message has been sent from the app and received by your application
    • It will also activate tracking in the app if you are Off-Duty (tracking disabled) when you initiate the Help sequence
  3. The Help/SOS sequence will send a message every 1-minute until it has been cancelled in the app
  4. To cancel the Help/SOS sequence, press and hold the Cancel Help button. This will return you to the map screen in the app


  1. To log out of Driver app, click on the burger menu
  2. Click on Logout at the bottom of the menu
    • The menu also shows you;
      • The Fleetsu account that you are under (Fleetsu Demo in screenshot)
      • Your Username ( in screenshot)
      • The distance you have travelled whilst being logged into the app and set to On-Duty.