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Using Installer Portal for device installation

The Installer Portal is a tool to assist you with the installation of your new devices. It has been designed to be used on mobile devices (phone or tablets) and provides you with functionality to check that a newly installed device has connected to the platform. It also allows you to update key information such as Asset Label and ODO at the point of install. The Installer Portal can be used by you or your team, or you can provide access to it for installation contractors. 

To access the Installer Portal you will need a User account.

Accessing the Installer Portal

  • Log into the platform;
    • If you ONLY have access to Installer Portal it will load immediately
    • If you have access to other modules in the platform, you will need to navigate to the Installer Portal;
      • Click on the Tools menu on the main menu.
      • Click on Installer Portal

Installing a device

  • Once you have loaded Installer Portal you will see a list of all devices under your account
    • If you are a new customer all of your devices will likely display as Not Deployed

  • If you are an existing customer most if not all of your devices will be listed as Online or with a different Device Health statuses (Review, Investigate, Offline)
  • Use the search bar to search for the device you wish to install
  • You will need to use the IMEI number (Plug-N-Play device) or ESN number (Hardwired Device) on the device to search for Not Deployed devices
  • If the device is already installed and has an Asset Label in the platform you can search by this
  • You can also click the search filters and filter the device list by;
    • Group
    • Tags
    • Device Health
    • Device Status
    • Device Types
  • Once you have identified your device, click on it to load the device details page
  • You will see the IMEI/ESN number and Device type listed at the top of the screen and then the following fields;
    • Label
    • Rego
    • ODO
    • Runtime

  • Under the fields is the device status indicator/button
  • The Phone Support button will display at the bottom of the screen for Not Deployed devices
  • At the bottom of the page you will see the following tabs;
    • Install
    • Notes – where you can add notes against the device/asset
    • Documents – where you can upload documents against the device/asset
      Note: It’s recommended that you upload installation pictures under documents
  • Now that you have identified the device you are installing, plug the device into the diagnostic port (Plug-N-Play devices) or connect it to the power source (hardwired devices)
  • Allow the device 1-2 minutes to boot up making sure that the devices indicator lights have come on
  • Start the ignition of the asset
  • Wait a further 2-3 minutes
  • Now press the device status indicator/button;
    • This initiates a check to the platform to see if the device has connected
    • If it has the device status indicator/button will now display Online and the Last Ping date time
    • If the indicator still shows the device as being Not Deployed, wait another 3-5 minutes and test again.

  • If the device is still not coming online, first make sure that it is installed correctly
  • If you are still unable to bring the device online, click the Phone Support button;
    • If you have accessed Application on mobile phone your phone app will launch and dial the Application Support number
    • If you have accessed Application on a different device type, Platform will try to launch an available communication app such as Skype or FaceTime to call Application Support

Updating Device/Asset Details

  • Now that you have installed the device and it is showing online you can update the device/asset fields;
    • Set the Asset Label in the Label field
    • Set the Rego
    • Set the current ODO of the asset
    • OR set the current Engine Hours (Runtime) of the asset
      Note: When you update a field, click out of the field to save the changes

Add Notes to the device/asset

  • Click on the Notes tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Type your notes where it says ‘Enter New Note…’
  • Click the Save button to save the note against the device/Asset

Upload a document to the device/asset

  • Click on the Docs tab
  • Click on the Choose File button

  • You file browser will open on your device
  • Select the file/image you would like to upload
  • The file will be uploaded
  • You can then edit the file name and description

Complete Install

  • Once you have updated the Asset information, added any notes and uploaded any files/images you can complete the install
  • Click the green Complete Install button
  • This will set the install date/time and return you to the device list in the Installer Portal
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