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Using Installer Portal for Device Uninstall

The Installer Portal should be used to record device uninstall. This will ensure that devices that are not installed do not continue to display as Offline in your account but are set back to Not Deployed. To use the Installer Portal to uninstall a device, follow the below steps.
To access the Installer Portal you will need an User account.

Accessing Installer Portal

  • Log into Platform;
    • If you only have access to Installer Portal it will load immediately
    • If you have access to other modules in the platform, you will need to navigate to the Installer Portal;
      • Click on the System menu on the main menu
      • Click on Installer Portal

Uninstalling a Device

  • Once you have loaded Installer Portal you will see a list of all devices under your account
  • If you are an existing user most if not all of your devices will be listed as Online or with a different Device Health (Review, Investigate, Offline, Not Deployed)

  • Use the search bar to search for the device you wish to uninstall
    • You can search using the IMEI number on the device
    • OR you can search using the Asset Label used in the platform
    • You can also click the search filters and filter the device list by;
      • Group
      • Tags
      • Device Health
      • Device Status
      • Device Types

  • Once you have identified your device, click on it to load the device details page

  • You will now see that there is an Uninstall button displayed next to the Phone Support button
  • Unplug the device (Plug-N-Play) or discount the device from power (hardwired device)
  • Now click the Uninstall button
  • A confirmation message will display, click Ok to confirm the uninstall

  • The Installer Portal will reload to display the device list and you will see that your device is now set back to Not Deployed
    • After the uninstall button is pressed and confirmed, the platform will;
      • Set the device back to Not Deployed
      • Clear the install date/time
      • Reset the Asset Label back to the device IMEI number
      • Log the User who completed the uninstalled against the device
    • All other asset information is left available and can either be reset via the installer portal such as Rego and ODO or in the Asset module
  • You may also want to add a note against the device relating to the uninstallation and/or upload a file/image under the Docs tab

Add Notes to the device/asset

  • Click on the Notes tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Type your notes where it says ‘Enter New Note…’
  • Click the Save button to save the note against the device/Asset

Upload a document to the device/asset

  • Click on the Docs tab
  • Click on the Choose File button

  • You file browser will open on your device
  • Select the file/image you would like to upload
  • The file will be uploaded
  • You can then edit the file name and description